Lil Art Bodega vs. MISCRE8


SPLAT Leggings

Image of SPLAT Leggings

These are LIMITED EDITION LEGGINGS each style have 24 pairs once sold its gone, Keeping it unique and custom.

As an artists and designer, I want my art on the very best. So of course, I wanted a manufacturer who could produce high quality workmanship for my leggings. I found a Canadian company where all their products are made-in-house.

MISCRE8 legging designs are digitally printed onto the very best fabrics, then cut and sew to custom leggings. Each order is handled individually by hand, my production
team checks for quality printing and sewing. MISCRE8 leggings are using a 4-thread overlock which incorporates a safety stitch along the seam for durability and stretch. No-See-thru material used. Leggings can be slightly uniquely different from picture and items due too individual cut and placement.

{Active wear + yoga + walk + dress up + run + dress down + relax = M!SCRE8 Unlimited Leggings.}